Prayer – RH Fullerton


RHF is a Spirit-led and praying community. Prayer is not something confined to a pastor on a church stage one day each week. Instead, the invitation to pray is for God’s people to embrace a life that’s in regular communion with God. Together, RHF ministers to each other through prayer in a variety of different gatherings and through many ways.


As prompted by God’s Spirit, our weekends often involve a call for people to respond to God by receiving prayer.

Pre-Service Prayer

Join a dedicated group of prayer warriors as we meet a half-hour before each service to pray for those that will attend. This a powerful time that often opens the door for God’s work in our community.


Join us as we set aside the third Wednesday of each month to pray for our Church and community. We pray [many will fast] throughout the day and then gather in the evening for extended prayer.

We will continue to go door to door asking our neighbors across from CSUF if they are in need of prayer. This is a unique opportunity that challenges us to go outside our comfort zone and to have open hands to what God may want us to step into.


We believe prayer is something for all of us to participate in… not just for leaders and pastors but for anyone who loves Jesus. To equip us to do that, we offer a course to cover the fundamentals of prayer, discerning God’s voice, and how to become part of this ministry team.

Please email Jamesdon Kissling for more info on prayer at RHF.