Although we have many different ministries, initiatives, and expressions of church, all of our efforts exist to become a community in and beyond this city that is founded on God’s Word, led by His Spirit, where Jesus is the story. To be a community unified under, sacrificing toward, and risking for the Gospel…all for the sake of Fullerton and North Orange County knowing Jesus.

A church of communities following Jesus as we worship, pray, and love others can and should look differently based on the context of our community, but there are some values that unite all of our ministries:

  • Embracing Risk
  • Seeking God and Responding to Him
  • Giving Ourselves Away for the Sake of the World
  • Displaying truth and grace
  • Operating in team

RHF ministries are not for professional clergy. God has called each one of us ministers and has given us the message of reconciliation. Check out the following pages to discover where you can uniquely jump on board with what God is doing in and through our community.

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