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Connecting Events

If you’re new to RHF, Connecting Events are a great way to find out more about our community and to meet others involved here.


Starting line is a time for us to share the ROCKHARBOR story with you. It is a place to be brought into the history of RH and the vision for our campus at the home of our pastor, Jeff, and his wife, Lisa. It is also a perfect way for you to get to know our staff, discover ways you may want to get involved, and ask any questions you may have. We also love this opportunity to get to know you in a casual and informal setting. So if you are new to ROCKHARBOR Fullerton Starting Line is for you.

Next Starting Line
March 4, 2018
after service @ TSU

Starting Line is a great place to learn more about RHF. But if you have a question you would like answer right away or have more questions about Starting Line, please contact Morgan Cyprien


If you would like more information on men’s events please email Jamesdon.


If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Long